Bank holiday Monday hasn’t been great.

Mister seemed to be getting better. He had finished his course of medication (antibiotics) but today he has been sick several times. He’s definitely going back to the vets this week. I would have rang them today if it hadn’t been for it being bank holiday. He can’t stay the way he is. He was only being sick occasionally (hair ball related). He’s been sick 3 times so far today. There’s obviously something else that the vet didn’t see. All they could feel was an enlarged bladder which is why they gave him a weeks worth of antibiotics and a daily painkiller to help with the pain of the infection. He definitely needs a scan to see what’s happening internally. He’s middle aged in cat years, sometimes they get nasty conditions at that age. Luckily, if he needs treatment and operations I can get it free (one pet gets free treatment due to being on housing benefit and the other one gets reduced costs, mister is down as main pet because he has issues). If it’s too bad and he has to be put down then I’m going to have to make that awful decision. He seems so happy and contented most of the time. I just don’t want him to suffer. Once he looks unhappy most of the time I will know it’s cruel to let him live that way. Hopefully they investigate further and find whatever was presented as an infection when I get him back to the vets over the next few days (I will lay it on that it’s an emergency on the phone due to the amount of times he’s been sick already today).

I also had a really weird dream about the university I went to (they kicked me out etc). The building wasn’t familiar but people were saying it was that university etc. It was kind of a mock up between my old secondary school and the university. A teacher was there from my old secondary school looking at some Christmas themed thing I’d done. It was being marked as part of a nine questioned piece of work. She was an English and drama teacher who worked as the transition officer between primary and secondary school. I don’t know if she would still be alive now. She was middle aged 20 odd years ago. They’d all be at least 70 to 80 years old now. I met her when I came off my medication and my problems relating to my autism started to surface. Anyway, the dream changed at the end. There was scams going on. Dangerous people trying to track me and a group of people. Photocopiers with technical information on them all go do with psychological mental health dsm type stuff. I only saw brief information on one page. I photocopied what was on the top. It was some kind of newsletter which got automatically sent out after it was photocopied. The papers were already stacked in the order in which they were set to go out. There was a guy with a gun that fired shots in the car park. Myself and others (none of which I have met in real life) ran behind a plastic wall that came across as the building was blown up by these awful dodgy people (none of them were who I have met in reality). I don’t know what it was all about… but it was like watching a film.

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