Wtf is going on at the moment?

I probably will get told to stop being ungrateful by women who don’t get constant male attention online. I don’t know what the hell is going on at the moment. I was nice to the first half a dozen that added me but it’s too much now. I’m no longer under the influence of alcohol so not friendly with strangers. Different account are constantly adding me. I’m not accepting any more and if I get any more messages I will be just blocking them. Some of the messages have been those types that are sexual photos. The person that sent me that was speaking to me in Arabic. I told him no and he shut up so he must understand bits of English. This is the same reason I don’t go out at night or to music events because this kind of harassment happens offline too. I swear it’s got worse in recent years. You’ve got rid of one and then several more appear. I don’t dress to impress men. I dress for me in my own style. I’m not being racist here. I’m friends with Asians and black people. The type of guys that are always hassling us have foreign accents and occasionally the lonely odd ball type of white guys. I’m friendly but you have to realise that you simply cannot make someone like you, especially women. I have tried and failed many times. We are more complex than men. We won’t grow to like you due to a tiny bit of physical attractiveness. It’s much deeper to get us to fall in love. It will take someone really amazing for me to ever completely fall in love. And, you have to be ok on your own first before you can ever be with another. I’m happy being single and ok with that but don’t want to change that. I’m not rushing to get married or have any more children. Even if the challenges to do with my autism wasn’t there I’d be still happy with that decision. You may want to be with certain others but believe me once they’ve said they don’t like you then you’re not going to change their minds. You may pine over them for years that won’t mean anything to them and they won’t pity you enough to go out with you.

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