I want more! Writers earn a lot, I’m getting nothing for that and my mental health activism.

I’m fed up of basically working for free. The work I do is the type of things that others get paid to do. I’ve been working for free freelance for over 9 years now. I don’t want to put myself out there for nothing. I may be trying to change attitudes and challenge prejudice but that isn’t worth the potential humiliation I have to put myself through to get others to listen. I would be happy even being paid a small amount for my efforts. I’m not keen on charging for writing things and doing promotion but I deserve so much more than this as a person. I’ve been through too much to not be paid back in something positive. It feels like the same every day. I want to move up the ladder in regards to being a writer and mental health/ autism activism.

I’m basically saying that I’m not worth anything by working for free. I’m not teaching the world that autistic people and those with mental health issues are worth something if I don’t demand payment so that my lifestyle is better. Some writers and those in the media earn enough to buy their own homes etc. I put up with more hassle than a lot of those people because I don’t have people to go deal with every day issues regarding management of social media accounts etc. It’s not like I haven’t earned my place enough to be enjoying the money and perks of this type of industry. I’ve had so many people tell me I have the writing talent but I’m not getting any further in that department. That is due to the stigma, I have the talent but I’m not worth investing in by publishers etc because of being autistic and other aspects of me as a person.

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