No gym for another few days as muscles still hurt.

I could barely move when I woke up in the middle of the night. I took some anti inflammatory painkillers which knocked me out until this afternoon. I had to clean cat sick up when I did finally get up today. This time he had done it down the window sill. I’m less stiff than I was when I got up but getting dressed was a challenge today. I had to hold onto the wall to but my socks, trousers and knickers on. That is exactly why I’m giving myself a few more days to recover. You know how my dreams are odd sometimes. Well, I had a weird one today where I had a full conversation with someone I’ve only met once in person. I always visit the same locations when I’m dreaming. This one had an Asian theme to it. I don’t remember much of the dream. I remember that the person wasn’t happy with me … nothing new there. Used to other people disliking me for something. The only sentence I remember from the dream conversation was the sentence ‘my son became disabled’. I suppose that they’re blaming me if that happened in real life. If you’re sons have become disabled as far as falling for me … well, what can I say … extremely sorry haha! On a serious note, I wouldn’t allow that … not going there with guys in their 20s. I just feel a bit too old for guys that age. People being attracted to me helps keep blog views up so I can’t completely discourage it.