I’m fed up!

I’m fed up of life. I went in the bath when I got home. It’s great having thick hair until it doesn’t want to go up in a bun when you’re getting ready to get in the bath. I’m probably going to have a load of split ends now I’ve got annoyed and forced it into a messy bun. I put my hair in a pony tail to go out for a walk. It still kept catching on my handbag. More split ends! I then keep aching because my muscles are still recovering from the first gym session I’d had in two years. I’m hoping they feel better after a bath but it’s going to hurt getting out of the bath. I get followed in by the wandering neighbourhood cat when I’m trying to get a big bag of cat litter in with me. I didn’t walk with that. I got it out of the car when I got home because I need some in here. I have a load of washing to get out of the washing machine after my bath. I have to then vacuum a litter bits up from the hallway before I even put the clean tray down. I haven’t put my bed together yet because I left it to air out while I was on a walk. They all won’t take long but I’m in the mindset where all small things are the most irritating to me. I randomly get like this and I have no idea why. Welcome to my bpd side which has made many fall out with me.