Life hacks I discovered by accident today.

I was dying my hair back to its natural ginger colour this evening. I’ve discovered a few life hacks during this process by accident. When you’ve got hair dye processing on your hair and you forget that you’ve got to put clothes on over your head… get a plastic bag and put it over your hair. Then you can put on your clothes without getting hair dye over them while trying to put on tops over your head.

I also have a problem with the very ends of my hair dripping after I’ve towel dried my hair. I buy thirst pocket type kitchen roll (supermarkets have their own version of this type of kitchen roll which works just as well). I don’t like to rub the ends of my hair excessively with the towel because it causes split ends. Instead, I wrap a few bits of absorbent kitchen roll around the ends of my hair, squeeze it around my hair and leave it there for about 10 minutes. It pulls out the water until it’s dry enough to air dry without dripping.

I have had a rest day.

I’m still aching from my gym session on Tuesday. I probably should have rested yesterday if I was planning to go the gym today so that my muscles recovered. I’m having something to eat while I’m out as I went to pick up the cats food from the vets. I’m not sure about giving it to him because it’s one of the foods that was affected which made lots of cats seriously ill and killed some. I don’t trust that brand in case there are old batches still in circulation. It shouldn’t happen but you never know. I have to slowly introduce it to him so that he will eat it. I’m glad that this isn’t for mimi because she definitely would never eat it. She will only eat purina sensitive turkey and rice dry food. She also likes the expensive gourmet type foods. I buy them all in bulk so it doesn’t cost so much. It’s cheaper when you work it all out. I feel so lazy. I literally slept most of the day because I could barely move as my muscles were still recovering from the gym. I need to still do a lot around the flat. Mister added to the mess this morning by throwing up grass bits on top of the wardrobe. He couldn’t have chosen a more awkward place to be sick. I’m going to have to climb up on steps to get to the mess before the challenge of cleaning it up. He now refuses to go up there (one of his favourite spots) until I’ve properly cleaned it up. He didn’t go back to his spot on top of the sofa after throwing up on there. I cleaned it.