I used to be sensitive… now I’m not!

Life screwed me over several times in horrendous ways. I used to let it upset me but now I’m no longer bothered. We live in an awful world which destroys those of us that are sensitive. I loved others who didn’t give a crap about me. They certainly would never love me. If I could go back to tell younger me who was quite frankly besotted with some questionable individuals… I would shake her and then I’d have avoided all the trouble that they bought to my life. I would have never of had any children if I was the person I am today. I’m not mean. I just would have avoided all the stuff I went through. I spend most of my evenings under the influence of alcohol. I’m free to do as I wish with no child rearing responsibilities. I may as well live my life like I don’t have any cares. I don’t need to care if I don’t have children. I’m watching new episodes of family guy. I couldn’t do that if I had children because it’s an adult cartoon. I just don’t care anymore. I was always stressed when I cared. I was always stressed when I wanted those that didn’t want me. If you don’t care then nothing keeps you awake at night.