I used to be sensitive… now I’m not!

Life screwed me over several times in horrendous ways. I used to let it upset me but now I’m no longer bothered. We live in an awful world which destroys those of us that are sensitive. I loved others who didn’t give a crap about me. They certainly would never love me. If I could go back to tell younger me who was quite frankly besotted with some questionable individuals… I would shake her and then I’d have avoided all the trouble that they bought to my life. I would have never of had any children if I was the person I am today. I’m not mean. I just would have avoided all the stuff I went through. I spend most of my evenings under the influence of alcohol. I’m free to do as I wish with no child rearing responsibilities. I may as well live my life like I don’t have any cares. I don’t need to care if I don’t have children. I’m watching new episodes of family guy. I couldn’t do that if I had children because it’s an adult cartoon. I just don’t care anymore. I was always stressed when I cared. I was always stressed when I wanted those that didn’t want me. If you don’t care then nothing keeps you awake at night.

Spectrum 10k study

I’ve been asked to comment on this research story. This is why #actuallyautistic was trending yesterday. I caught up with the details over night. I’m now ready to contribute my views to the discussion. I’ve read a lot of comments on social media as well as looking at official documents. Honestly, I am not sure that the study is a good idea. 10,000 participants are just a percentage of autistic people. Those are only the ones that came forward to be in the study. They won’t be the ones that have been sent to prison or sectioned for long periods of time due to mental health difficulties associated with their autism difficulties. It won’t cover a complete picture enough to really help study DNA of autistic people. There are a lot of people within the autistic community that are totally against studies that involve DNA sequencing because the researchers at the university could potentially use the research from that study to isolate, and eventually delete the genetic coding which causes autism and related conditions. Curing autism is a dodgy topic which causes lots of arguments within the autistic / mental heath communities. There are people that don’t want a cure because they are autism as part of who they are which makes up a part of their personality. The. There are those, like myself, that feel trying to cure autism is going to invalidate all the hard work in regard to advocating and pushing for changes to help autistic people fit into society. I’m now in my 30’s and have been involved int his stuff since the age of 17. It’s been part of my life’s work which could br completely invalidated and discarded if the eugenics side happens due to this study.