I’m back at the gym but not liking it!

I’m on the leg press while typing this for the next ten minutes. It makes me feel like I’m not exercising. I’m not expecting miracles on the first day back. It’s harder than I actually remember. I did more on the muscle toning machines because I don’t have them at home. I’m not a huge fan of treadmills etc. I’m not ever going to be as fit as a runner. I know my limits. I feel better after a bit of exercise. This is much more than just walking. I haven’t been to an actual gym in over a year. I’m a writer, not a sports person. I also have to be careful I don’t push my ankle too far too quickly. It’s better but I’m not going to tempt to push it too hard just in case it goes back to the beginning of its healing journey. The gp told me that easing it gently in to some form of exercise would help it rather than completely resting it. I brought some new sports leggings to go the gym. The sizing is ridiculous! I know for a fact I’m not a size 14… yet these are tight on me. They aren’t uncomfortably tight but they fall down a lot because my fat around my middle is slipping about. They seriously need to sort the sizing out in their country. It’s the conversions between inches (the old measurements of clothing production) vs centimetres (currently used in clothing production). The measurements are more accurate in proportion using inches rather than modern centimetres.