The transition in regard to new medication is a bit up and down.

I can’t type straight through brain fog. The new medication is making me quite tired during the day too. I normally feel a bit off during the first few days to a week of medication changes. I slept a lot today because I have a busy week starting from tomorrow. Mister has to go to the vets. The bits of mess around my flat won’t pick itself up. All the litter trays have to be cleaned tonight. They aren’t that messy but there’s stuff you don’t see soaked in during the week from the cats doing their business. They do a lot outside this time of the year but they still do use them. I have to find my paperwork out for the vets to prove I’m eligible for the pdsa. It would help if the nearest place was local as it’s a 20 minute drive from where I live. He hates being in the carriers, let alone being in there for 20 minutes there and back. The last time I took him there he was meowing nearly all the time on the way there and back. It’s not natural for them to be in a car. Some of them really don’t like it. Mimi is ok with travelling. She is constantly looking out interested in all the new things she’s seeing. They have completely opposite personalities. Mister is constantly saying he hates the trip and all the new things he’s seeing. There isn’t one cat that likes the vets. They know where they are going when I try to get them into the carrier box. I had to sleep off the side effects otherwise it will impact on everything I have on this coming week.