I did have the most random dreams last night.

I am awake enough now to do a proper blog entry. The random dreams you have when you start medication is really surreal. I’m not happy that she who is banned from my dreams (and life due to legalities) appeared in the dream. Someone from my past also was in there along with Beyoncé (definitely never going to be in the same social circle as her). In between hanging with Beyoncé. I was in a room where I was sat with someone from my past. Then she who is banned from my dreams walks in dressed in black. I got up and wouldn’t talk to her. In every dream I’ve had since everything happened she’s always been either ignoring me or running away in some form or other. The fact that I walked away from both those people from my past in the dream means I’m mentally getting over how I was treated a little. There was times when I would have given anything to be friends with either of them. I now no longer care. I don’t remember much of my dream. And, the person from my past wasn’t the one that has been appearing in my dreams over the last year. It was one from school who I haven’t even thought about for years. Maybe the pandemic took them. I wouldn’t know because I don’t know any mutual friends (that I know of) who would have told me.