I’ve barely been awake today but it’s felt long.

As predicted, I didn’t sleep last night because I was restless due to coming off my medication. I picked up my new medication today so I should sleep okay tonight. I’m going to be glad if it knocks me out so that I don’t wake up every few hours. That happens regardless whether I sleep during the day or night. Mister is going the vets on Monday (hopefully the battle to get him in the carrier doesn’t fail) because he is still peeing around the flat. He can’t carry on like that… it’s definitely not behavioural otherwise his training regime would be working. I have booked my blood test for the beginning of September (have to wait for 3 weeks to get an appointment). Considering I didn’t get up until really late, a lot of things have got done. I can’t say the same for the state of my flat though. That’s kind of hard to keep tidy and clean when the cat keeps peeing as fast as you can clean up. He isn’t doing it too often but it’s enough. Especially if I don’t see him do it on occasions. I don’t want the place to smell when I move out. That makes me look like I don’t bother when I do. I do everything for my cats and don’t like to live in an untidy, dirty environment.