I don’t like telephone appointments

I’m waiting for the GP to ring me as I have a phone appointment today. I can’t get a face to face due to the current circumstances regarding the virus etc. They haven’t told me when but said it could be any time in the afternoon. That really puts me on edge because I simply cannot prepare myself for the phone call. I don’t like using the phone anyway. I get extremely anxious. I have to talk to them because I need to sort out my tiredness and insomnia. If it’s my anaemia causing it I won’t be able to sort it myself. I can’t keep taking iron tablets long term as they aren’t supposed to be a permanent solution. Anyway, if I take them my already heavy monthlies are absolutely unbearable. It makes that issue ten times worse. I’m fed up. I need an answer because I can’t live this way for the rest of my life. I went to bed early last night. I slept more than I normally do but still absolutely exhausted this morning. Then I end up sleeping during the day again. I haven’t even taken iron tablets this month and I had to literally have a bath when I woke up because my monthly was that bad. It’s annoying and I can’t do much for the whole week I’m on every month. I hate feeling like I can’t control my own body. It looks like I’m being careless if I leak in public etc. I can make sure I’ve got new pads on etc before going out but it still doesn’t avoid embarrassment. I just can’t continue to be this way. I was told by lots of people … oh it gets better once you’ve had children. I had a child and it just got worse! If I compare it to what I experienced before having a child I’d say that were twice as bad. They were awful enough before having a child. They can’t keep telling me it’s stress either because I’ve walked away from all the people and situations making me stressed. I’m distant enough from it all now to not be stressed.