Getting slimmer, I was even lazy this last week!

I have just measured myself before going into the bath. I wasn’t expecting much as I’ve been lazy this week. I only went for one walk and have slept a lot during the day. I’m 38 inches bust (same as previously), 32 inch waist (an inch less than previously), 42 inch hips (same as previously) and 22 inch thighs (down from 25 so that’s a loss of 3 inches in the last 4 weeks). I think it’s easier to lose weight there because of walking regularly. I only started drinking more water and less alcohol and sugary stuff in general. It’s best if you start off with a few modifications because otherwise you end up starving hungry and then break the healthy eating thing completely! I’ve ended up hungry on weight loss attempts and then stuffed myself with food. That defeats the object if you’ve just eaten all the calories you’ve managed to cut out during the week. I can’t relax yet because I’m not at the size I want to be. Two or three more inches off and I will be content. I hope my boobs don’t completely go down. They were 36 inches when I was smaller (size 10), I was always 29 inches to 31 inches waist and 38/39 inches hips. I was always curved but not this curvy.