Well, I haven’t been up long but I feel that I need to come on here to say this.

I don’t want to fuel hate but I’ve seen what is going on in Afghanistan. The Taliban have completely taken over rule there. I’m not normally one for covering things that are going on in other countries. However, as I’m one of those spiritual type people who can sense things. All of us seem to be sending something big about to happen at the moment but we aren’t sure what … it’s complicated but it’s affecting all of us who feels things. The group has literally taken control of that country within a few days. They’ve got the president to flee out of fear for their life. Anyway, back to the point. There was a lady a long time ago who had the gift of predicting events. She was blind so she had never actually seen our world. This made her predictions even more amazing when she came up with things that she just couldn’t physically see. There was something terrifying that she predicted for about this date (around the mid to late 2000s). She said that there would be an extremist group which would take over the world. If that happens, all the leaders will flee and leave us all to fend for ourselves against the regime that this group rules by. Obviously, as a woman I’ll be more severely affected by their regime. The women over in Afghanistan can’t go out without a man, go to school, they are owned by their husbands and if they step out of their expected role… they’re either badly beaten or executed in the most brutal ways. I’m not just saying this as a woman who doesn’t want to live that way. We can’t let them gradually take over the running of the world. Life as we know it now will be absolutely demolished.

There’s going to be no where to flee as they take over every single country of the world in the blind woman’s vision. This may have been a long time ago that she was alive. The fact that they’ve talked about it for centuries later by those that came after her just goes to show how much respect people had for her predictions. She even came up with the names of the groups we know today when they weren’t even in existence when she was alive. It’s scary and we must at least consider it at this point to avoid what could be if she was right. The speed in which they’ve taken over their own country is frightening. There is supposed to be offsets of the extremist groups in every country of the world.

Sometimes it isn’t a good idea.

I may seem fully upfront and open about my diagnosis and what autism traits / difficulties I deal with in my daily life. However, I don’t think it’s a good to be open about being autistic. It may be getting better in some ways but prejudice still exists in most aspects of life. I have lost everything every time I’ve been open with another person about what my autism etc is about. The education places didn’t want me. Employers won’t hire openly autistic people. I’ve also lost my home because I opened up to the landlords too much. That is truly why their selling even though they can’t say that because it would be seen as discrimination. They just want me gone by the end of the contract so that they can sell it. Yes, they may want to sell it but they changed once they knew I had autism. I don’t think people even realise their unconscious prejudices seeps out into how they conduct themselves. I’m probably the same but only others see it from an outside point of view. Once you start disclosing autism etc … it’s just a matter of time before you get told you’re no longer wanted in any situation. That’s the sad reality that we live in. I know that I can’t mask or internalise my autism and trauma related behaviours to not be open about them. The last thing I’ve lost is my home soon. I will probably lose more stuff in the future because of prejudice and discrimination. That is how autistic peoples realities play out. I just have to learn to not let it bother me.

Getting slimmer, I was even lazy this last week!

I have just measured myself before going into the bath. I wasn’t expecting much as I’ve been lazy this week. I only went for one walk and have slept a lot during the day. I’m 38 inches bust (same as previously), 32 inch waist (an inch less than previously), 42 inch hips (same as previously) and 22 inch thighs (down from 25 so that’s a loss of 3 inches in the last 4 weeks). I think it’s easier to lose weight there because of walking regularly. I only started drinking more water and less alcohol and sugary stuff in general. It’s best if you start off with a few modifications because otherwise you end up starving hungry and then break the healthy eating thing completely! I’ve ended up hungry on weight loss attempts and then stuffed myself with food. That defeats the object if you’ve just eaten all the calories you’ve managed to cut out during the week. I can’t relax yet because I’m not at the size I want to be. Two or three more inches off and I will be content. I hope my boobs don’t completely go down. They were 36 inches when I was smaller (size 10), I was always 29 inches to 31 inches waist and 38/39 inches hips. I was always curved but not this curvy.