This shouldn’t be the case. I’m not brave. Speaking out is necessary to change attitudes and perceptions.

I regularly get told that I’m extremely brave to talk about my experiences and mental health on my blog. I understand where people are coming from when they say that but that shouldn’t be the case. Bravery, courage and words along them lines suggest that mental health is still a taboo subject even though it’s not as hushed as it used to be. It should be becoming a matter of routine for people in society to talk about these topics now. We lost so many to suicide and addiction over the years because people weren’t open about this stuff. Forced adoptions have happened to many parents due to mental health issues being misunderstood. If we don’t talk about stuff that is seen as taboo topics, then nothing is ever going to change. Countless more lives will be lost in either suicide / addiction or preventable violence and forced adoptions will continue to happen to those with mental illnesses and other non physical disability which affect them mentally. We are saying that we are prepared to let that happen by keeping quiet. That’s giving our consent to these awful actions we see in our society on a regular basis.

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