There’s something odd happening in this place.

I know that I’m going to sound crazy but what I’m about to tell you all is 100% true and I can’t quite believe it either. Bulbs routinely stop working after their lifespan has come to an end. This is what happened last night. However, they don’t start randomly working again. Once they’re blown they can’t physically unblow because the bit in the middle snaps. I bought a new bulb planning to put it in there tomorrow. I just got up to see the cat that was sat on their tower in that room. As a routine I walk in any room after switching on a light switch (automatically so used to doing that), the lightbulb came back on as normal. There’s no physical explanation as bulbs don’t repair themselves. It switched on last night but went out. Then it wouldn’t switch on again so I presumed it had blown. I’m totally stumped. I’m not sure whether the haunted doll or any other random thing along those lines that may have got in here. I expected that owning a supposed haunted porcelain doll may cause the odd random thing to occur. I’m not freaked out but it is strange that the bulb appeared to have blown but repaired itself because physically they can’t do that.