Good Luck, it’s Friday 13th today!

I happened to realise it was Friday 13th today while I was getting together photocopied medical information for student finance disability support application. I signed it the 14th because I didn’t want to tempt fate with any more paperwork being sent to places. They won’t get it until Monday at the earliest even if it’s sent off today. I’m trying to get everything set up before my next open university module starts in October. If I’m in front of everything then moving while just at the end of it isn’t going to seem such a massive hassle. We always have our last assignments in May which is just after the lease finishes. I’m going to try to take all the support I can get which is available. I never used to want to take it but those with hidden disabilities seem to be more successful if they’ve got established support that is the right support. I’ve never had that fit. It’s hard to find that fit. Some people have took years going through various services and workers before getting one that works out.

I’m also considering wearing the sunflower lanyard when I’m out with information on my disability and other important stuff on cards in the badge holder. I was never keen because I didn’t want to advertise the fact that I’m disabled. I don’t want to make myself vulnerable to those that want to commit crimes against the disabled etc. It could potentially make me a target. I wore it for mask exemption but only inside places. It’s genuinely not a good idea to display it around my neck when I’m walking as I might get targeted because they can see I’m vulnerable. I slept briefly but woke up after only an hour last night. I know it’s probably hormone related because I’m only 2 days off my monthly. I was in tears over what happened with my sons adoption etc yesterday morning. Today I am feeling traumatised emotionally by other things I’ve been through. I don’t feel like crying but I just feel like I want it to get out of my head before it explodes with anxiety.

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