Real life experience in relation to the coronation street hope storyline.

Those of you who watch coronation street will have seen Fiz take the blame for an arson fire incident which her daughter Hope actually committed. The child is only 10 years old but she’s always been, to put it mildly, a troubled child. She has been sent away to special placements already due to former behaviour issues. That kind of reminded me of some real life experiences. As people know, I was sent away to a low secure unit as a teenager after getting labelled as a criminal for my issues. I know from when I was younger that other peoples parents (a lot of professionals have done this for their children) have actually lied to keep them out of trouble. There is no law against lying unless an issue ends up in court. That would be seen as perjury of someone is caught and potentially carries a prison sentence. Anyway, back to what I came on here to say. There are plenty of evil children I grew up with that got away with extremely bad things because of their parents connections. It has always been the case and probably always will be the case. That kind of hurts when I think of how I got treated for a lot less. Undoubtedly, I’ve heard things since I got back to where I grew up. Some of those children have grown up into adults who are huge problems but nothing can be done at this point. There’s adults who regularly get violent with their carers because of just purely being angry at life situations and wanting to take it out on them. Some carers have actually left their jobs due to these types of clients or even been dismissed under investigation because, yet again, their parents have said their child was innocent and it’s the carers fault.

These children who are now adults did have special needs but letting them get away with similar things to tonight’s storyline in corrie didn’t help them long term or anyone who comes across them in life at any point. They were never stopped and sent away from any kind of treatment because their parents were too busy protecting them from consequences and insisting that their child was ok. I’m not going to mention any names because I don’t want to get into any arguments locally about what is and what isn’t correct. That violent abusive child might be a future perpetrator of something like domestic violence or even take someone’s life (either purposefully or accidentally) in the future. That isn’t fair on others when the parents of these children had the choice to put a stop to it before their child reached adulthood. The behaviours are too ingrained by the time they reach early to mid 20s. You’re also not helping them by sending them out into the world with those behavioural issues. I know I sound old but it’s the truth and I’ve learned all this since I got older. I’m not saying that I was innocent but my intentions weren’t to be violent etc. That is something I’d never be. I know that I’ll upset people by saying this but what happened to me due to the past was upsetting for me and had a long term impact. It certainly wasn’t fair that some of us got scapegoated as children because our parents didn’t have connections and those that had rich or/and professional parents got to live a normal life while the likes of us were sent away.

I managed to get up today.

I fell asleep again because I couldn’t sleep last night (sleep pattern a complete mess). I managed to get up before everything closed. The paperwork that I organised in the middle of last night has now been sent. I had my dinner on the way around so that is one less thing I have to do when I get home. I do have to catch up with housework as I left it in a mess due to rushing out to get things done after waking up this afternoon. I have the most runny nose ever, also my eyes have been runny and sore for days. I hate allergy season. I blow my nose but it comes back as quickly. I haven’t been for a walk for a few days. I don’t feel like it. I’ve had a bad stomach for a few days. It could be my ibs but also my monthly as I’m so close to that. I was feeling hot so it might be hormonal. I do feel fat but if I’m not feeling well I’m not exercising.

Good Luck, it’s Friday 13th today!

I happened to realise it was Friday 13th today while I was getting together photocopied medical information for student finance disability support application. I signed it the 14th because I didn’t want to tempt fate with any more paperwork being sent to places. They won’t get it until Monday at the earliest even if it’s sent off today. I’m trying to get everything set up before my next open university module starts in October. If I’m in front of everything then moving while just at the end of it isn’t going to seem such a massive hassle. We always have our last assignments in May which is just after the lease finishes. I’m going to try to take all the support I can get which is available. I never used to want to take it but those with hidden disabilities seem to be more successful if they’ve got established support that is the right support. I’ve never had that fit. It’s hard to find that fit. Some people have took years going through various services and workers before getting one that works out.

I’m also considering wearing the sunflower lanyard when I’m out with information on my disability and other important stuff on cards in the badge holder. I was never keen because I didn’t want to advertise the fact that I’m disabled. I don’t want to make myself vulnerable to those that want to commit crimes against the disabled etc. It could potentially make me a target. I wore it for mask exemption but only inside places. It’s genuinely not a good idea to display it around my neck when I’m walking as I might get targeted because they can see I’m vulnerable. I slept briefly but woke up after only an hour last night. I know it’s probably hormone related because I’m only 2 days off my monthly. I was in tears over what happened with my sons adoption etc yesterday morning. Today I am feeling traumatised emotionally by other things I’ve been through. I don’t feel like crying but I just feel like I want it to get out of my head before it explodes with anxiety.