I managed to get up this morning! (Yes, I’m surprised too).

I actually managed to sleep last night. I know I’m surprised. I woke up about 3 times but got to sleep again. I woke up this morning at a decent hour. I was in the ‘screw it all’ mood due to my flat being a mess. I knew that I had to clean it. Then I found cat sick which I had to clean up. I tell them not to eat grass for a reason but evidently, they don’t listen. I heard the cat being sick two days ago. I couldn’t find the place he had done it. I can’t believe I didn’t notice the mess last night. I have a dark sofa but this morning it was easily noticeable. The fact that I walked passed the sofa several times over the last day without noticing it makes me wonder how I didn’t notice it. I got it off but I am going to look down the back in case it went there too. I have to move the sofa tomorrow. I’m not home at the moment. I’m already wanting my bed. I’m not used to being awake this long during the day. I am noticing that the blog page views have gone up dramatically today. Thanks so much for reading, please subscribe or / and follow my social media (Instagram and Twitter, Facebook page). I will post more when I’m not so tired.