Routine establishing.

I had one day out of my normal routine. I skipped my bath in the evening yesterday. I had to do this so that I fell asleep quite quickly while I was at the right stage to sleep. I had to take my chance when I felt natural evening sleepiness setting in which would have passed if I stuck to my normal routine. It feels so nice to be in a bath after missing it yesterday. It was the only way to reset my sleep pattern. I have to be up during the day again so I had to do something. I am tired enough to actually sleep properly tonight. I came home to one cat on my bed and the other on the wardrobe with a cobweb thing caught on her face. They literally do just sit there with things like that on their faces as if it’s not there. I took it off of her. I don’t know where she has been outside but obviously she doesn’t care about poking her nose into spiders webs. Then the wandering cat, Dave (also known as Thor), decided to stroll in with me to get some food. He’s been in twice today. I went outside to fetch the bag of cat litter … he followed me and I got home this evening and he did the same thing. I don’t mind but I’m trying to distance myself a bit because when I leave here he won’t have me to follow about. He will definitely follow others in but he needs to learn that the new owners won’t want him adopting them because they’re moving into a place that’s part of his routine. It’s going to be difficult for my own cats as this is the only home they’ve ever had. They’ve been to a relatives home but they were only young so they won’t remember that environment. I’m used to moving around so it’s not going to be new to me.

I managed to get up this morning! (Yes, I’m surprised too).

I actually managed to sleep last night. I know I’m surprised. I woke up about 3 times but got to sleep again. I woke up this morning at a decent hour. I was in the ‘screw it all’ mood due to my flat being a mess. I knew that I had to clean it. Then I found cat sick which I had to clean up. I tell them not to eat grass for a reason but evidently, they don’t listen. I heard the cat being sick two days ago. I couldn’t find the place he had done it. I can’t believe I didn’t notice the mess last night. I have a dark sofa but this morning it was easily noticeable. The fact that I walked passed the sofa several times over the last day without noticing it makes me wonder how I didn’t notice it. I got it off but I am going to look down the back in case it went there too. I have to move the sofa tomorrow. I’m not home at the moment. I’m already wanting my bed. I’m not used to being awake this long during the day. I am noticing that the blog page views have gone up dramatically today. Thanks so much for reading, please subscribe or / and follow my social media (Instagram and Twitter, Facebook page). I will post more when I’m not so tired.