I’ve had a lazy day.

I didn’t even get dressed today. I changed pjs because I woke up sweating and had a bath but didn’t bother with day time clothes today. The rain has not stopped for hours. I keep getting that pain in a different part of my boob today. It was at the bottom on and off but now it’s on the top and has been with me since I got up and day. I’ve probably slept too long in the same position. I couldn’t sleep last night because living in a flat means if the neighbours are awake making any noise during the night, that also means you find it difficult to sleep. They were talking in a group until about 6am this morning. It wasn’t just that which kept me awake… insomnia was in full flow too. I’m fed up of paperwork and other irritating aspects of life. I have to log on to my computer in order to get the information in full rather than screenshots. I have everything conveniently situated on my phone where I can easily log in to finance stuff without excess hassle due to face recognition etc. I have to remember several passwords that I haven’t written down. It’s not safe to write them down in case someone steals the notebook or device that you’ve stored them on. I used to be able to store all passcodes in my head without writing them down but it’s getting harder as I age when I’ve got life stuff to remember too. I can reset them but this is also hassle that will make the ordeal of getting and sending information longer. I feel like I’ve wasted the day but I needed the sleep obviously because of how long I slept. It was like someone had literally knocked me out. The rain is apparently going to last for days. That is depressing just to think about. I will want to go for a walk but if it’s raining like it is now… definitely not walking in that. Mister doesn’t seem bothered as he just strolled outside for a while in heavy rain.

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