Lots to do but no energy.

I went to bed early last night, kept waking up but slept most of it. That’s why the fact that I have no energy I’d even more annoying. I’ve caught up with sleep and I’m still exhausted. The task of even getting out of bed today has felt like climbing a hill. I got up for breakfast, feed the cats, medication this morning. I was too tired to get up and dressed so fell asleep afterwards. I’ve woken up at 5. I have lots to do but because I was knocked out by exhaustion all day… I won’t get those things done. I’m living in a mess. The bathroom lightbulb went last night so going to have to sort that. I don’t think I have the right lightbulbs at home for that light fitting which means a trip out. I had the best intentions to get up today without falling asleep but it didn’t work. Then tiredness drags me down again. It wouldn’t have been so bad if the place wasn’t a mess. I left things last night thinking that if I had an early night and was less tired these things wouldn’t seem such a large task. They still feel challenging. I just thought about the massive pack of cat litter I need to bring in from the car. Our car park isn’t right next to our door. I took up the shop assistants offer of taking it to the car after I paid for it because it’s quite large. I’m not weak. I can lift a lot of heavier things for someone who is only 5 foot 2. I’ve learned to get around my shortness by climbing up to get things that aren’t in my reach. The tiredness just makes things harder. I have relatives that don’t even need a step ladder to change a lightbulb. That is so annoying. Genetically, they got all the height and left none for me. I’m not intimidated by taller people. I’ve had to look up to most people my entire life. The key is to develop a strong personality which makes up for any lack of height.

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