Longer day out than planned.

I didn’t manage to clean my car properly before it rained. I only got it vacuumed and got off the bird poop. I had a nap at a relatives because I didn’t sleep last night. I ended up having food there so didn’t get back until nearly midnight. I was met by my cats who asked me for food. One of them flicked their paw at me (it means they’re annoyed). I have decided firmly that I never want anymore children. I thought back to my first experiences and it totally put me off. I like my free time and like having space. I can’t have that if I have a baby. I am staying single for the exact same reason. I’m too used to this lifestyle now to consider changing my status in regards to relationships and having another child. I don’t feel like I should have ever gone there. Some of us just aren’t naturally wired to be a mum regardless of what life conditions women to be.

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