Struggling today… I’m awake but feel horrendous.

I woke up with a migraine after only a few hours sleep because I had stomach problems during the night. I still feel ill due to lack of sleep but got rid of the pain of my migraine by taking a painkiller. It makes having eyebrows waxed so much more painful. I didn’t get to take pain relief before my appointment because I didn’t have any at home this morning. I got up late but I can thank my cat, Mimi, for getting to appointment on time. I fell asleep after my alarm and she kept tapping me for food. I’m now at a relatives house. I have to wash my car as it looks so dirty. Hopefully it isn’t going to rain… getting soaked by rain will just put the topping of today being a Monday.

Lost a bit more weight.

I feel slightly better after measuring myself. I’m now 38 inches around my bust, 33 inches waist and 42 inch hips. I’m losing those massive boobs but still in proportion. At least I won’t have to buy any more bras as I kept growing out of them. I have a migraine starting to come on. I am probably tired and my sinuses are blocked up again due to hay fever. I feel better since I blew my nose. The thing is it fills up again in a few minutes. I have to try to sleep soon because I have my eyebrows being done tomorrow and posting my entry to the national brain appeals letter in mind exhibition. I have to wash the hair mask out of my hair before I actually go to bed.