I hate unsupportiveness by others.

I already had my plans criticised by others already. I know the timing isn’t great but there is never a right time after what happened with my first child. There is going to be a risk that I have to take regardless of when I have another child. Then I got told that it was cruel to have a mixed raced child as they will suffer in this current world. I won’t let the world discriminate against them. I’m used to the discrimination that I face being autistic. I found out about there is a percentage of our population that have a fear of autistic people. That is a huge wall up when it comes to fighting discrimination for a more inclusive society. I feel sorry for those people who are afraid of autistics. It would be a huge shame to have a mind so narrow because life must be boring for those types. I’m not changing my mind at this point. I’m not keen on stopping at a hotel for the night and everything that goes with it. Regardless of whether I put the decision on hold or not … that is still going to have to be done. I mentally feel more settled not to wait.

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