Things that are supposed to be a certain way but definitely isn’t.

I keep seeing the thing about if someone appears in your dreams repeatedly they want to see you or miss you. I’m quite doubtful that this is actually true. I’ve seen someone I used to know multiple times in my dreams over the past year. If they missed me then you’d assume they would make some form of contact. They haven’t decided to reconnect so I see this as a load of absolute rubbish. Before people start guessing about who I may be talking about. It’s not the person who is banned from my head because of the darkness that surrounds them. How can someone I barely got to know miss me? Most people don’t miss others they barely got to know. They’re not like me who doesn’t have to know someone long enough to miss them. If they did remotely miss me then they’re obviously not giving me a thought nowadays because they’ve disappeared from my dreams. I would like to believe in the spiritual things but some bits sound wrong to me. I wish that the particular person in question missed me. I would love to see them or just communicate by social media. I just don’t believe that this is what they would want. I don’t have anything to offer them as I’ve said previously.

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