I don’t want to be awake today.

I woke up feeling terrible. I didn’t even fall asleep until after 6 am. I woke up about mid day so didn’t really sleep that long. Both cats had joined me so they were asleep next to me when I woke up. We had cuddles and now they’ve gone off to do their own things. I just took my medication, forgot it yesterday… I just have to wake up now. I have to get a few bits from the shop at some point today. I’m cold after all the boiling weather. That doesn’t make me want to get up. I’m glad it’s cooler but I get cold easily. I probably am anaemic at the moment which makes me feel cold. I’m just done right now. I’m fed up and wish I could just sleep at night. I nearly slept last night but got woken up by a cat and couldn’t get back to sleep.