A little note on privilege vs circumstances.

There are other reasons I do not like my landlord any more as a person … other than the fact they’re selling my home and I have to find somewhere else. He mentioned that his parents fostered children. We all know what types foster children. The ones with privilege and money in regard to their circumstances. I was born into a reasonable background but got slung to the bottom of the pile due to my disability. My nana on dads side actually went to private school. I have an aunt who is basically rich on mother’s side. One of mums side connected to her brother has actually adopted two children because they’re in the socially economic background that are given the children children’s services and family court steal. I’m stuck in my circumstances because I was born disabled. I have potential but the disability cancels any of those things out. Imagine what it’s like coming from a family who has those types of members and ending up in a life where my own son gets stolen for adoption because of my disability.

I don’t want to be awake today.

I woke up feeling terrible. I didn’t even fall asleep until after 6 am. I woke up about mid day so didn’t really sleep that long. Both cats had joined me so they were asleep next to me when I woke up. We had cuddles and now they’ve gone off to do their own things. I just took my medication, forgot it yesterday… I just have to wake up now. I have to get a few bits from the shop at some point today. I’m cold after all the boiling weather. That doesn’t make me want to get up. I’m glad it’s cooler but I get cold easily. I probably am anaemic at the moment which makes me feel cold. I’m just done right now. I’m fed up and wish I could just sleep at night. I nearly slept last night but got woken up by a cat and couldn’t get back to sleep.