Why ?

I know that the timing is never right in life for most things. I did want to move at some point but I can barely do life at the moment let alone arrange a whole move. I wish they’d reconsider selling after a few more years. I’m not mentally or physically in the best position to move home at the moment. I’m too tired to deal with the whole hassle of moving. I can’t explain to them because they basically told me I was too much hassle and passed management back over to an estate agent. This is what happens when others don’t understand mental health or autism etc. They don’t see you as a person. And if they do it’s in a negative way. Or that I’m not good enough. I try to be nice and supportive but never get it back. I always find that when I’m open about my disability, others don’t treat me like they used to before being aware. It’s like I instantly turn into a substandard person or a monster in the eyes of others.

One response to “Why ?”

  1. Hang in there Em! I wish I could come across the Pond and help you move!
    It’s absolutely WRONG what people do to the disabled! It’s really not much better in the States either unfortunately


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