2 days of no alcohol. Addiction is a continuous battle.

I’ve managed two days in a row of no alcohol after weeks of falling off the wagon every other day. I managed a whole week before when I first tried to kick the habit. I say that but on the other hand I’m taking a painkiller for my ankle ache which can also be a slippery slope for me if I don’t stay in control. I haven’t had to take a painkiller for my ankle in weeks. It only hurts when it gets tired. I tipped it again a few days ago so it’s grumbling again. I can’t not walk a few times a week though for the sake of my own sanity. I have to get out. I managed not to use a painkiller to get rid of my migraine a few days ago. It is possible to stay in control taking things when it’s the only way to relieve pain. Alcohol is a slippery slope that has no purpose.

Although, my organs are probably crying at what I put them through over the past year, I can still repair some damage. The key thing is to stay as detoxed as possible. The bad things in life are ok in moderation but there is a fine line. Drugs, alcohol, sugar etc may give you an instant lift but long term they do more damage than help people. There are many examples of famous people who have died young due to consuming way too many drugs or alcohol. It’s been 10 years since Amy Winehouse sadly passed away. She was apparently clean when she passed away. That just shows how even when you’ve kicked habits your body has lasting damage. The worse thing about her story is the fact that before getting hooked on drugs she was totally anti drugs. Then as her career progressed she got dragged into that side of the music scene. It’s easy to become the opposite of who you are, anyone can get sucked in.