2 weeks ago I predicted…

I’m sure that people have seen something pop up on their phone regarding a potential pingdemic. Well, two weeks ago I predicted that as people were posting videos of empty shelves (including the mainstream media, however some in the newspapers had people with winter coats… if you’re going to twist the truth for an angle at least provide believable evidence from the current season) … I did say that two weeks later this kind of thing would work it’s way to our local area. I have just been in the supermarket now and empty shelves are starting to happen here. We are a small area situated in the corner of the East Midlands. We aren’t a city, just an area consisting of small county towns.

Luckily I managed to get what I wanted but there isn’t much of certain products available. I know that as soon as we start seeing those kinds of photos from areas like London and larger areas up north … it will happen in this area a fortnight later. The last time it may have been accurate but this time is not the same. The mainstream media who are against the whole concept of things like brexit are selectively covering and blowing up certain stories to fit the agenda. Manipulating the public has been going on for many years, only now it seems so much more impactful because of the current situation we are all living in at the moment.

I would also just like to point out that if the nhs app pings you it’s not a legal requirement to isolate, you only legally have to isolate if you get a phone call from track and trace department. Those tests are also a bit unreliable… they must be if school children can put certain chemicals on them to come up positive. Those activities have a knock on effect which means parents, family and friends start getting contacted to self isolate. Children don’t think about this side, they merely wanted extra time off school. Those that don’t like school anyway will be trying to find any kind of way to prolong not having to go to school. That has probably resulted in many of the pings and contact from track and trace. I cannot confirm that every single case is the result of this behaviour but it’s going to add confusion to the mix and people just don’t want to take the chance in case they are the source of infecting another person.

Please can I ask people to refrain from posting videos of empty shelves as it causes people to panic buy. Also, to the children (some may be adults who haven’t matured), I know that you want extra time off of work and school, college etc, but please refrain from tampering with the tests. This is the only way we will get out of the mess of mass confusion and misinformation peddled by news sources. They can’t play with us if you quit the game. That means not reacting in the way the news stories are trying to push you all to act.

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  1. The UK media: oh dear. I wish it’d just do the dignified thing and die a death. It’s utterly irrelevant and nobody pays it any attention any more; and while the half a dozen people who control it blame the internet and want it regulated so they don’t have the competition, that won’t fix it because it’s not the internet that killed it, it’s them. People aren’t as stupid as they think, they got wise to their constant lies and have mostly switched off.

    It’s not only the “half a dozen people who control it” either: most journalists are horrible people who wouldn’t tell the truth if their life depended on it. But I guess you’re the last person I need to say that to.

    The lying buggers’ lack of influence doesn’t mean they can’t light the blue touch paper and start a panic, which they still do time after time; but it’s not because they have that much influence, it’s like the ripple effect of one car braking hard on a motorway can cause the whole thing to grind to a standstill. They’re like that one car. They need to be regulated out of existence because they serve no useful purpose (investigative journalism, if it ever existed, is most certainly no longer a thing) and they’re a menace to society.


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