Today was a nightmare.

I was in bed most of the day with a severe migraine. I was literally sick this morning which happens when stress builds up. I’m then fine after I’ve had a deep sleep post throwing up. I think it’s a natural internal reset mechanism. I didn’t need to even take a painkiller to help shift it. I fell asleep with a severe pain in the side of my head behind my eye after I threw up. I woke up 6 hours later with no pain. I had a rude awakening by my cat deciding to pee on my bed right next to my back. I was not happy and he got put outside for an hour. He does it when I’m not waking up as quickly as he would like when he wants something. The vet keeps telling me it’s behavioural. He seems ok in himself but he’s a complete little shit sometimes. I then cleaned out all the litter trays so he has no excuses to complain by peeing elsewhere about them. I need to sleep if I have a migraine and I know it’s hard for him to understand that I’m not ignoring him on purpose. I put them first constantly and he literally has most things he wants even if it’s not instantly. He didn’t try to pee for a few days after I’ve put him outside as punishment each time. The thing is I haven’t stuck to doing it every single time he decided to behave like that. He was already in trouble after bringing a mouse in last night. He was using it like a toy which is annoying when he’s got lots of toys to play with…. So I put it back out telling him not to bring it in again. He decided to be defiant and do exactly the opposite. I found the same dead mouse on the floor this morning. I wasn’t pleased at that point but as I had a migraine and wanted to get back to bed after feeding them I didn’t tell him off too strongly. He knows that peeing in my bed is wrong. He always gets told off when he does that kind of thing. Granted, I should have put him out the other day when he peed on my duvet and cover. I didn’t so maybe I didn’t reinforce the message enough. He then assumed that peeing next to me would get him what he wants again.

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