I’m having a bad time at the moment.

The heat isn’t helping any of us. I have a headache from just being out there for a few hours in the evening and yesterday I only walked from my car to the supermarket and back into my home. I had to stop Dave (wandering cat) being ran out earlier. Someone driving a white Land Rover came into our car park. Dave decided to sniff around their tyres and wasn’t seen by the person driving. He went to sit in front of it as the person drove forward. If I hadn’t got him to come to me he would have gone under the wheels. I worry about him now he’s getting older. If he can’t hear properly while strolling around the car park it may not be a near miss the next time. There’s cars that are quite high which prevents the driver seeing him wandering around their tyres. If I hadn’t happened to go out at that point for something from my car he wouldn’t have been so lucky. I can’t watch him all the time. I also definitely can’t even keep an eye on him after I move.

I also turned my already injured ankle again today. I’m going to have to get it looked at by an X-ray or something because the bone is hurting in my toe and half way up my calf above my ankle. It definitely isn’t my muscles hurting. The fact that it’s weak and keeps tipping if I’m not careful also isn’t a positive sign that it’s healing properly. It seems to heal but then goes the other way. I always put something around it to support my ankle when I do go for a walk. I’m also concerned about long term effects of the covid vaccine. I had my first jab in February and the second in April. I never had any side effects on the second dose but the first made me feel terrible. I didn’t know if I was hot or cold. I had a headache, arm ache and my monthly was delayed by a week. I get a bit scared when people have had random health problems after approximately 3 months. I keep getting a pain under my rib which seems to be getting sharper every time I feel it. It’s only for a few seconds on a nearly daily basis. That’s only happened since I had my last vaccination. I don’t want to worry about things unnecessarily but it’s a bit unnerving hearing the same kind of experiences coming from vaccinated people. I got the AstraZeneca vaccine before most people my age because of being on the clinically vulnerable list. There hadn’t been enough people vaccinated for the stories of experiences post vaccine to come out at that time. I was told that I was the only one who had reported the vaccination affecting my monthly at my second appointment. Weeks later I find out lots of women experienced the same things. Then there’s the weight that I just can’t lose since having the vaccines. Yes, I assumed it was my alcohol consumption but I cut that and the weight will not come off. I’m concerned in case we do all die within two years because it destroys our bodies via our immune system reactions. There’s things that don’t add up. I’m not a conspiracy theorist. I don’t believe half the things I see that’s supposedly true on the internet. I cannot deny that I haven’t felt a bit off since receiving my vaccinations. I’ve always been tired but there’s other nagging stuff like what I mentioned above.

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