Some of us don’t believe in true love.

I am constantly being told that I just haven’t met the right person yet. I really don’t think that is the case. I believe that some of us don’t have soulmates, twin flames etc. I feel like I’m meant to walk alone. That is my terms and conditions of existence in this lifetime. I just do not believe in true love. I think it’s a concept made up by society to help commercially sell weddings, Valentine’s Day etc. It’s an illusion that we have been led to believe is part of our destiny. There is no one a constant part of our destiny. We are born alone (unless you’re one of multiple babies) and we all leave this world alone in death. The things that happen in between in regards to relationships are just fleeting segments of our lives. I have learnt from an early age that my time spent with family members would be short-lived. I had no grandparents by age 10. I lost my dad in my early 20s. Then my only son was gone from my life after 14 months. It’s obvious that my path is meant to be walked alone. I have no other half that one day I will meet and life will feel complete. It’s just my soul on a solo journey… maybe it’s karma-related… I don’t know.

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