Sleep helps.

I had a good sleep earlier. I woke up feeling slightly better. I was woken up by mister peeing on my bed this morning. Apparently I wasn’t quick enough to put food in his bowl. He has been behaved since but I had to wash both my duvet cover and the actual duvet because he peed right through them. I try to train him out of peeing when he wants something before I get chance to give him what he wants. Most of the time he’s quite good. Then he gets a little frustrated if I’ve been out a lot. Then he gets irritated when I am asleep but he’s wide awake and hungry. He gets so annoying though because I have to clean up after him when he is in one of those moods. I’m sure he does it on purpose so that I bow down to everything he wants at that moment. He likes to be in charge. He tries to nick mimi’s food but he gets taken away from it when he does try it. Today you can see it in his eyes that he is in a mischievous mood where he will pee, destroy and bully other cats. He has days where he is just a pain in the ass from the time he is awake to the time he falls asleep. I ignore him to a point if he’s not making a mess or destroying something. I don’t want to reward bad behaviour but at the same time can’t allow him to destroy everything. Luckily we were both asleep at the same time today so keeping an eye on him wasn’t an issue. His sister fell asleep with me so we all got to chill out for a while. I still feel a little crap but I no longer feel sleep deprived.

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