My thoughts on Torn Apart: Family Courts uncovered.

I have caught up with this programme an hour later because quite frankly I forgot that it was on.

The programme contents are not surprising to me. The tactics they’ve shown in this programme are those I experienced when my son was being taken from me. The family courts are intimidating anyone that ends up in front of them due to personal circumstances.

I was taken into a room after the end of my legal aid representation hearing (where the local authority got a care and placement order) by my solicitor who told me that if I ever spoke about what happened in there… I could be locked up for a very long time.

Ironically, after speaking about it, I was thrown into prison a few years later under unrelated but equally questionable pretexts.

However, I didn’t keep my mouth shut to anyone I ended up meeting in life. It is important that all of us that have been involved in care proceedings which have led to losing our children to the system absolutely should speak out regardless what threats are uttered by those in authority or sometimes even sanctioned against us.

If we do not do that… these practices that are currently happening will NEVER cease.

The irony that the solicitor representing me that day, who said those words to me, had an autistic son (they were open about that to me) somewhat makes it worse. That illustrates some of the unhelpful autism parents out there not improving things for us. They have a voice, unlike us, but I find that many of them don’t use their platforms appropriately. The law and attitudes don’t change unless they are challenged. If the voices that are challenging these things aren’t heard then those voices that can and will be heard need to stand with us.

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