Fed up, it’s hot and everything is a mess! And there is an autism initiative consultation coming up locally in the city and county.

I didn’t buy alcohol on my walk today. I’m still out because it’s nice cool air at this time of the evening. The place is a mess due to the cat peeing on things and I had to wash it all. I swear that my dreams pick up what is going to come up after I wake up. The local rock has apparently got something about local autism initiative wanting to consult with autistic people (I think it’s a nationwide thing as something was on Twitter about it last night via NAS). That may have also created my dream. They want to know about support etc or lack of it in a lot of cases. I have family who want to come forward alongside me as part of the local research due to what has happened to me. So that came up in conversation after I got up this afternoon. I had a dream about the place and the people who used to provide my autism support. I can’t remember details but all I know is stuff they thought they’d buried is going to come out soon. The dream was too fleeting to pick up details as I think I only had literally a few hours sleep. When I woke up it kind of all made sense. The city now have autistic diagnosed individuals working in the chair positions. I’m not sure that the same is the case where the county council are concerned. Those that used to be quite high up at the county council didn’t want changes and I ended up clashing with them (anyone who was autistic and wanted the system changed was dropped like a stone and had to fend for themselves).

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