There are changes happening but not enough.

I spoke to a few researchers over the last few years who are actually bothering to do research in areas where it previously hasn’t been done. The latest one I contributed to was in the middle of the night last night (with the help of alcohol). This was about the system being stacked against autistic mothers. Well, that was basically what this student was as trying to prove anyway. There’s the programme that is on later which I mentioned during the weekend. There’s been loads of research by students about autism and the system over the last few years. I signed things so I can only go into brief details about the studies. In comparison to what there used to be along those lines there is improvements. It’s just come too late for some of us who have been surrounded by the most non autistic friendly system while growing up. I won’t get the days off my life back that this awful system has stolen from me. I can feel the damage done to me at this point of my life. Okay, maybe it would be a lot worse if I was a decade or so older because it would be too late for me in so many areas of life by that point. I can at least try to have more children once I know the system has made a big enough turning point. I’m hoping that the end to all the current crap is in sight but these things can take many years. Some of us have been fighting back before previous system modifications and are already completely mentally drained. I have no more to possibly give on a wider scale. I do bits where I can but even that causes me after effects for weeks.