I have a solution that would suit everyone!

The fact that I’m mentally and physically exhausted means that this solution would work for me. If I ended my life it would help both me and the landlord to be able to sell the flat. I wouldn’t have to find somewhere to live and could finally rest rather than continue to struggle in life. Then the landlord would have the flat back and could sell it. Perfect for both parties. I’m a hassle. The hassle needs to be eliminated. I’m more than happy to take myself out because the tiredness is absolutely destroying me. I’d do it purely to have some peace. My head is like a constant dumping ground of thoughts and feelings which never let me rest. I just want to be free but my head won’t let me chill ever. I’d love to wait until my son grows up because I would like to reconnect with him. That just seems like a long torturous wait. Every single day is full of mental and physical tiredness which rips me apart. I just long for peace from my brain!!! It’s a curse being intelligent. Ignorance is also definitely bliss. It’s so much better not to feel or to know about the world and it’s people that surround you. I can disconnect but can never truly block who I’m meant to be completely. I’ve never felt so close to saying screw it and taking myself out to end the constant mental suffering.

One thought on “I have a solution that would suit everyone!

  1. It’s not much of a solution, but I can understand the frustration of having too many people in your life who are making it worse. The solution isn’t less life but more people; because most people don’t want to make your life worse (but yeah, I understand the scepticism all too well…)


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