I got my results for open university module … drum roll…

I got 63% which is a pass for the open university law module this year. It’s level 1 so it’s not as impressive as it sounds. I still haven’t got the TMA/ema 4 assignment result. I can only assume that I’ve done okay on the last assignment as my average throughout the year wouldn’t have amounted to 63% if I hadn’t got a reasonable score on the last one. I have decided to do the level 2 module next year. I’m not sure if I can do it but as long as I get a certain mark on all of my TMA/icma/emas, I should be able to pass the module.

I think I’m melting.

It feels like it’s getting hotter. I feel like I’m melting. It doesn’t help that my monthly has been playing up today. I didn’t even want to get up today. I definitely not going for a walk in this heat. I’m sweating just not moving. I do want to get rid of my lockdown weight but it’s been too hot. I’ve been trying to walk in the evening this week when it has cooled down a little bit. I’ve just had enough today. I’ve had to take a few doses of my medication to control my monthly as it kept flooding. It’s ok now but it’s taken three dosages since last night to finally get it to settle down. It doesn’t stop it though. It merely makes it more easier to manage. There is no cure even with this medication. The other part is always ending up anaemic after it’s over. I have been taking vitamins to try to keep it balanced but it can make my monthly go crazy too. The medication that I’m on isn’t supposed to be long term. I have no choice because the doctors have no other options for me. They’ve done some investigations that have drawn a blank to why it’s not improved. I try to not take my medication unless I need it so I don’t over use it.

Life is not great at the moment.

I didn’t get much sleep. I woke up feeling awful. Mister decided to nick some of my breakfast milk which made him sick all over the carpet. Mimi came in from outside with cobwebs all over her face. There’s some days I’m glad we don’t live in somewhere like Australia because if my cats infringe on the spiders they’re most likely harmless. She walked in looking like a Halloween decoration. I don’t want to even get up today. I took my medication, fed the cats, then myself. Then I laid here for a few hours. I’m just wiped out again. The place isn’t messy but it’s not tidy either. There’s a lot to do but I just can’t right now. You can all have your freedom day but I’m going to pass.