Too hot! Too uncomfortable to sleep!!!

It’s far too hot to sleep!!! I have a bad headache because of allergies. I’ve used that hay fever spray but it’s not helping to clear the crap out of my sinuses. There’s literally no cool air at all tonight! Considering I had a cold bath when I got in from my walk it hasn’t kept me cool for long. I don’t feel so sticky hot but I’m still uncomfortable. Then my monthly decides to time itself right at the start of the heatwave which doesn’t help as I get hot with hormones normally. I slept most of the day so I probably won’t sleep well tonight anyway alongside the fact that it’s too hot. I like day sleep which is a bad habit but when you struggle to sleep at night it’s important to get a few hours at some point. I end up going a bit crazy if I don’t try to catch up with lost sleep. I’m talking crazier than what is normal for me. Oh, and my ankle has decided to start hurting again… just heal ok!

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