Sometimes I wonder how?

I’m sure I can’t be the only woman that wonders this when it comes to monthlies. The heat has added to the annoyance of these issues today. I don’t feel clean even after having a bath etc. Does anyone else wonder how, despite having the most absorbent pad I can find available, does monthly blood seemingly go around the pad and all over your clothes? It doesn’t leak into your actual knickers. Instead, it just goes around. This only happens at my heaviest time. It’s like the flow isn’t going straight or something. I’m trying to not be too detailed here. It happens every month and starting to make me worried this leaking will ruin my clothes. I have those so called 100% leak protection pads. This shouldn’t happen when the pad is only half full. It’s logical if the pad is full but it wasn’t each time it’s happened. I know that my monthlies are on the heavy side but what’s happening is absolutely ridiculous. I should be able to feel secure about not embarrassing myself when the pad isn’t full.

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