Sometimes I wonder how?

I’m sure I can’t be the only woman that wonders this when it comes to monthlies. The heat has added to the annoyance of these issues today. I don’t feel clean even after having a bath etc. Does anyone else wonder how, despite having the most absorbent pad I can find available, does monthly blood seemingly go around the pad and all over your clothes? It doesn’t leak into your actual knickers. Instead, it just goes around. This only happens at my heaviest time. It’s like the flow isn’t going straight or something. I’m trying to not be too detailed here. It happens every month and starting to make me worried this leaking will ruin my clothes. I have those so called 100% leak protection pads. This shouldn’t happen when the pad is only half full. It’s logical if the pad is full but it wasn’t each time it’s happened. I know that my monthlies are on the heavy side but what’s happening is absolutely ridiculous. I should be able to feel secure about not embarrassing myself when the pad isn’t full.

It’s like walking abroad! It’s took me a few days to catch up but also want to comment on something.

The heat today is like being abroad. I don’t have much to say as I haven’t done much today. Too pale for this weather. I didn’t get burnt yet but that will probably come out later. It normally does. I’m definitely having a cold bath when I get home again. I can’t wear my dresses etc because my monthly is at the part where I just don’t trust it. Trousers at least bides me time of any mishaps happen. It’s not too bad yet but it’s unpredictable for the first 3 days. I feel like I should be at the beach today not walking around where I live.

I also am going to comment on something that happened a few days ago to a well known TikTok family. I wasn’t going to post my contribution until I knew more details. The smithy family are well known TikTok contributors who live in the London area. They had some idiot torch their car which ended up destroying their house as it spread. They were inside the house when the person set their car alight. So they knowingly set fire to something when there was a family including a newborn baby in the house. This wasn’t an isolated incident. Since their baby has been born someone found their address, at first kept sending them take aways and random people kept turning up on their doorstep which they have caught all on a ring doorbell camera. Setting someone’s house on fire is a whole different level than just giving them constant hassle. I was attacked after I had my son which consisted of people maliciously ringing social services etc with lies about me. One of those found my previous address too. They tracked me from one end of the country to the other. These kinds of personal attacks has to stop because both of these things happened to someone who had just had a baby. I can only imagine that this kind of behaviour is fuelled by pure jealousy. How about those of you that participate in this behaviour grow up? My son was taken for adoption without me even being given a chance because of the types of attacks directed at me. That family now don’t even feel safe in their own home because someone set fire to it. There are some awful individuals that should lose everything and be locked up indefinitely! It’s not the mentally ill or autistics you should be afraid of… it’s the evil people that walk this earth with absolutely no excuses. They do their actions purely to ruin someone else’s life to make them feel big or whatever.

Too hot! Too uncomfortable to sleep!!!

It’s far too hot to sleep!!! I have a bad headache because of allergies. I’ve used that hay fever spray but it’s not helping to clear the crap out of my sinuses. There’s literally no cool air at all tonight! Considering I had a cold bath when I got in from my walk it hasn’t kept me cool for long. I don’t feel so sticky hot but I’m still uncomfortable. Then my monthly decides to time itself right at the start of the heatwave which doesn’t help as I get hot with hormones normally. I slept most of the day so I probably won’t sleep well tonight anyway alongside the fact that it’s too hot. I like day sleep which is a bad habit but when you struggle to sleep at night it’s important to get a few hours at some point. I end up going a bit crazy if I don’t try to catch up with lost sleep. I’m talking crazier than what is normal for me. Oh, and my ankle has decided to start hurting again… just heal ok!