It’s all discrimination … fed up of hassle.

I am grumpy due to lack of sleep. However, I’m feeling like this whole housing situation where I have to leave is veiled discrimination. They may want to sell the property but they were fine with me living here before finding out I was autistic etc. Ever since then they’ve been considering selling. I’m seen as too much hard work. They put the place with an estate agent because of how my disability affects me. Basically they turned around and told me I was too much hassle in different wording. I’m totally fed up of having this extra hassle of finding somewhere else to go by end of current contract. The way people want to get rid of you because you’re a problem due to your disability is absolutely wrong. That doesn’t matter as the law legalises discrimination. Autism / BPD means too much hassle and complications when communicating so they use veiled discrimination to get rid of you from the situation. I don’t need this hassle. I’m literally barely sleeping. I’m mentally suffering from the pressure of having to find somewhere else to live. I have appointments with council etc to produce paperwork to prove I should be prioritised on the housing list. It’s all added stress that’s impacting on my functioning.