Hot already! Also, my memories surprise me.

Im not looking forward to this weekend. I’m feeling too hot already! Im probably not going to get a parking space where in the flat car park where I currently live again. It’s always busy when I get home later in the day. I wasn’t planning to be out this long. I told the cats that I wouldn’t be long. I bet they’ve fallen asleep and not even noticed I’m not back yet. I left the postcards at my relatives because I don’t want excess stuff at mine which I’m going to have to take with me wherever I move. I don’t know if any of the postcards are worth anything. There was many that hadn’t even been sent / posted. I think she may have collected them as well as corresponding via postcards. I only filmed the ones that had stamps etc which had been through the post. I don’t remember the woman who owned them now that I’m older. She was just a friend of my nana’s who we all referred to as auntie. She had no children and never married, unlike my nana etc. She caught polio when she was young so I only remember her with a bandaged leg. Her home resembled the impression of someone who kept everything. We cleared it out because my dad was given that job after she passed away. I think my nana was still alive then but they were all quite elderly.