Sleep just never happens even when I’m up during the day.

I have sky high anxiety to the point where I’ve started picking the skin on my face. I know it’s bad but I can’t help it. I was up at a decent hour after just a few hours of sleep today. I should be knocked out by this time of the night. I feel really awful due to being tired but I can’t actually sleep. I feel like I’m wound up. I always feel a bit temperamental leading up to my monthly which also stops me sleeping. I can try everything to drop off but it just doesn’t work. I’ve stayed awake the whole night many times. I’m not even stressing… this is me fairly calm. I watched grease (I’m one of the few people who have never watched the film previously) to try to put myself to sleep. I know the songs but never seen the film. I think I was probably the only one of my generation and older who hadn’t seen it. Others always seemed to know the film. I can’t continue not sleeping. I want a normal life. I can’t keep sleeping during the day. I feel worse for that pattern. If I don’t get up during the day then important things won’t get sorted. If I don’t get things sorted to try to move by the deadline of the end of my tenancy I’m going to be in a huge mess. I’m naturally disorganised as it is without my sleep impacting plans.