I’ve tried my best today. I can’t do anything else but wait for others to reply now.

I’ve done my part but got no reply from a flat I enquired about. I didn’t ring them because I wasn’t up but I sent an enquiry via the website in the middle of the night. I hope it went through because I did confirm my email etc. It’s unusual to not even get a reply saying it’s gone or something. I wouldn’t be surprised if it has got snapped up. It’s central location, street parking (you can’t have everything but being in the middle of town I wouldn’t have to take car out reguarly), not too expensive, 1 bedroom, ground floor (cats need that so they can go in and out of the windows like they’re used to doing), it has a bath (most of the cheaper ones only have showers), doctors surgery/pharmacy across the road. Best of all it doesn’t have stipulations such as no housing benefit and no pets. I don’t mind no smoking because I don’t smoke so it doesn’t affect me. I’m going to ring them tomorrow hopefully no one else has jumped on it too. I only found it because I was browsing in the middle of the night not expecting any new listings without let agreed on them within my intended price range. In other cases I’ve got a reply straight back from other places without even having to give my details because they know me. I am entering that national brain exhibition again as they’ve extended the deadline until September. I needed an entry pack.