I can’t discuss certain things ok.

I can’t discuss the things I can do in full details. 1 I am seen as weird enough without discussing that side of me in detail. And, 2, it’s not fair if I disclose anything I see in a dream about someone else’s life. I do have things I’ve seen in dreams bugging me at the moment but I can’t discuss it with another human being and definitely can’t go to the person who I saw in my dream. It’s not only inappropriate within our social context but it’s also ethically wrong to disclose stuff to people unless you’re asked. That is an unwritten rule that those of us who read tarot etc have to do whether we like it or not. I have broken the rules when I was younger and proven that karma comes back to bite whoever does that kind of thing. It doesn’t matter if you do it because you care etc. That doesn’t come into it. Karma still says it’s wrong regardless of your reasons. The best thing I can possibly do in my situation is change my circumstances to disconnect myself from the situation enough and the stuff I already know will fade away in a few months. I’m making steps to do that. I just categorically have to confirm that even if it was burdening me enough to want to discuss it with another person. I simply cannot do that as it’s not an ethical way to use intuitive gifts.