Finally got it over after months of avoiding.

I made myself go to my smear test after avoiding it for nearly 5 years. Apparently the last time I went was 2016. I knew it had been quite a while. I think that I was due last year but everything got cancelled with the Covid-19 virus. I still had to wear a face covering because they weren’t taking any chances with it being a doctor’s surgery. I don’t mind wearing something if places insist because it’s not just my needs I have to consider. I didn’t mind what I wore as long as I got the test over with quickly. I just saw a trolley guy who looked similar to Jack Grealish at Tesco. He’s quite attractive. I’m not even attracted to men but I make an exception for him, however, he would be far too young for me if he was single (I was 9 when he was born). I wasn’t the only woman looking at him during the England games, many women have said he was one of the reasons they watched it. I had to get cat litter and a few bits. I sat here and had something to eat because I was hungry. I have eaten today but not since early this morning.